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Time Stoppers 360
This logo was made for Time Stoppers 360, they are a new and exciting photo booth company that takes it to the next level. All of their photo booths bring a new way to create content including 360 booths and video booths.
Bazaar Meat
School Project - Restaurant Rebrand : This rebranding project is for the restaurant Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres. A carefully curated theater of shared plates, The Bazaar consistently wows its guests with ingeniously innovative cuisine, thoughtfully created cocktails, and theatrical presentations. I created this pictorial mark using different types of meat on their menu for inspiration. I earned the AAF Pele Awards silver medal for logo design in the college division for this design.
Harders Hawaii 7-11 Slurpee Flavors
These 7-11 Hawai'i slurpee name tag graphics were made for Harders Hawaii / Island Maid. They supply 7-11 Hawai'i with local specialty slurpee flavors.
Sirata Hotel & Beach Resort
School Project - Resort Rebrand : Located directly along the Gulf Coast waters of St. Pete Beach, Florida, one of TripAdvisor’s top-rated beaches in the country, the 13-acre resort is able to provide each guest with the unique-to-the-area experience of walking straight from their room or the pool onto the resort’s private beach and delectable waterfront dining options. This brochure highlights all Sirata has to offer, from amenities, rooms, top restaurant picks, and more. Printed samples available.
Lennax Case Management
Lennax is a local case management business based in Hawai'i. Incorporating waves into the logo was a primary focus.
Shoe Palace x Vans 25th Anniversary
School Project - Look Book : This product look book is for Shoe Palace and Vans 25th anniversary cross over. It showcases all new apparel and styles. Printed samples available.
Ethereal Design
School Project - Design Brand Logo : The definition of Ethereal is something unworldly, intangible, celestial, etc. Something like an idea. I connect this word to idea finding and the creative process when designing. I chose the dragon for the mascot of the logo because of how it represents something mythical and dreamlike.
Toyota Annual Report 2017
School Project - Annual Report : I designed this annual report to showcase new/upcoming technology and disseminate Toyota's key information and growth for the year of 2017. Printed samples available.
Krampusnacht Festival
School Project - Festival Rebrand : This rebranding project is for the Krampusnacht festival in Klagenfurt, Austria. Krampusnacht, or Krampus Night, is a celebration that dates back hundreds of years to Europe, where it was popular in Germany. The day is based on Krampus, a mythical beast that is half-demon and half-goat.
Las Vegas Monorail Transport Passes
School Project - Transport Passes : The Las Vegas Monorail is the best way to travel on the strip. I wanted to design passes that really make you feel like you're in Vegas. Passes that look and feel the part but also can be taken as a souvenir. Printed samples available.
The Elevations Hawai'i Event Flyer
The Elevations Hawai'i is a local band in Hawai'i. This is an event flyer I made for an upcoming show at a local venue. The Elevations logo and unedited band pictures were already provided.
World Wildlife Fund Ads
School Project - PSA Ads : You can support WWF's global efforts to protect wild animals and their habitats by making a symbolic species adoption. Donations go towards these animals and the future of nature. These ads were made to make people aware about the symbolic adoption, visually show the danger these animals are in, and what they can do to help.
Las Vegas Travel Guide
School Project - Travel Guide : This travel guide was made for Las Vegas, Nevada. Showcasing Las Vegas's Top restaurants, Clubs, Shows, and more. Printed samples available.
Miss American Scholar
This logo was made for a pageant held in Hawai'i, Miss American Scholar. Miss American Scholar was created to provide bright young women in Hawai'i an opportunity to exhibit their accomplishments and strengths.
Pantone Ads
School Project - Pantone Product Ad : Our assignment was to create a ad that features a Pantone product. I chose the Pantone Super Swatch. My thought process behind these ads were to compare these extra large swatches used for presentation to unforgettable large scale scenery. Implying that using these super swatches will have the same unforgettable effect on your audience.
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